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Invisible to Adults: Only children seem to be able to see the

On the other hand, the emperor is a lion. Archie himself fits the stereotype of a steadfast and doughty badger. Aristocrats Are Evil: The Knights of LyonThe Lion. Badass in a Nice Suit: LeBrock is always sharply dressed, even when he goes off to kill a lot […]

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He’ll put his mission above anybody and anything else

More rarely, someone will call him Jim, such as the team in Captain America Corps or Bucky Cap himself, addressing his time traveling teenage counterpart in Avengers/Invaders. Similarly, Bucky is the only person to call Natasha by her real name, “Natalia.” Parental Substitute: He becomes one to […]

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Whereas the original titles had at least paid lip service to

My God, What Have I Done?: Peter’s reaction to killing Ed. Named After Somebody Famous: Peter (Cushing), Vincent (Price). Given it’s a Stage Name, possibly In Universe as well. Neck Lift: Done by the ancient and powerful vampire antagonist Jerry on anyone who happens to inconvenience him. […]

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